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Healthcare Databank, Inc.

Providing health information, at the time of need.

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Who We Are

HDi was incorporated in 2015 to develop software and provide services help companies in the medical industry.

Become current with 21st century practices.

Improve their business efficiency.

Be more competitive in the market, by reducing overhead costs.

Move forward in the industry, with programming/software being the basis of the future.


A portal that allows clients to view their patient results via website,
iOS and Android App.

Client and Physician Portal

For group of doctor, clinic or hospital that needs a secure databank for results.

Real-Time Viewing of Results

See results as they are released by the laboratory.

Multiple Translation of Tests

Supports English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

Supply Requests

Ask for supplies and keep track of your requests from the laboratory.

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Allows patients to have control of their own results, and access their own health information, the time of need.

Easy Access of Your Medical History

Exclusive benefits For ABC Labs customers

Free storage For ABC Labs customers

Access To analytical graphs

• Deliver information and quality results in a timely fashion.

• Improve the quality of life by properly assisting in the diagnosis of diseases, as well as their prevention.

• Offer a wide range of clinical laboratory services which are affordable and yet reliable, thus catering to all sectors for the medical community.

• Access to analytical graphs to help monitor levels of frequently requested tests through a simple click - perfect for monitoring levels of Glucose, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, PSA, and Hormones etc.

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Bringing you comfort, convenience and innovation to serve you better.

Online Ordering

Patient can order laboratory test anytime, anywhere on any device and be able to keep track of their orders.

Online Payment

eRequest has multiple payment gateways for patients to choose from.
Credit Card, Paypal, *ATM
*May not be available on other countries.

Customize Request Forms

Laboratories can create multiple customize request forms to suit the patients need.

Appointment System

Schedule blood draw to any draw stations. The system suggests the nearest draw station available.

Shareable Results

Share your patient’s results to other physicians.


Set reminders for patient’s next visit via e-mail.

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